Flight Competition

Two challenging missions will be open to MAVs. The rules are set up to stimulate the following points:

  • high level of autonomy
  • multiple MAVs
  • operable MAV systems
  • custom autopilot design
  • high performance platforms

For the two missions, the competitors will have to follow the General Rules.




  • From March to 1st of July 2013, Registration (reduced fees) for competitors and tech demos
  • From 2nd of July to 1st of September 2013 (full fees)



Several prizes will be awarded to the competitors based on their ranking during the missions and for demonstrating cutting-edge innovation in the MAV fields (more information in the General Rules).

  • Outdoor mission autonomy and operation
  • Indoor mission autonomy and operation
  • Special Jury Prize for innovative MAV system (autopilot hardware or software, HMI, payload control,...)
  • Special Jury Prize for innovative MAV design (aerodynamic or mechanical innovation)

Indoor flight session

The indoor flight session will consist of flying MAVs through a window and close to obstacles, so that collision avoidance is a key point for this mission.




wall close green pole orange pole







 cube : 20x20x20 cm





Indoor Mission


Outdoor flight session

The outdoor flight session will consist of flying MAVs in order to perform several tasks such as searching a target, dropping balls, flying through arches or around two poles. A key point for this mission is the use of several MAVs in order to perform tasks in parallel.


Outdoor Mission




Wooden plate : 1x1m

White zone : 84x84 cm

QR Code zone : 60x60 cm

QR Code : 21x21 pixels


Flight Demonstrations

Technology Demonstrations open to MAVs under 1 meter and 2 kilograms will allow to demonstrate novel, cutting-edge technologies as applied to indoor and outdoor MAVs. The tech demos don't take part to the mission prizes but are eligible to the two Special Jury Prizes.

Safety Regulation

Due to regulation and safety considerations, the maximum weight for all types of MAV is set to 2 kg (indoor and outdoor) and the maximum flight altitude is 50 m (outdoor) above ground level.


For the outdoor mission, the authorized frequencies are the following:

26 MHz, 41 MHz, 72 MHz: max power 100 mW
2.400 GHz to 2.454 GHz and 868 MHz: max power 100 mW  

2.455 GHz to 2.483 GHz : max power 10 mW
5.8 GHz: 25 mW

The use of the 900 MHz frequency is not allowed.

All micro air vehicles must be equipped with safety devices which allow the pilot to keep full control of the MAV at any time during the flight by switching back to manual mode through a priority uplink.

A flight zone will be defined in advance. During the outdoor flight session (outdoor competition or outdoor technical demonstrations), all MAVs should remain within the limits of the flight zone. If a MAV crosses the borders of the flight zone, the pilot must immediately switch off the motor.